EATUP’s author Salvo Sportato continues to circumnavigate the globe in order to share just how important eating really is and how food brings family and communities together all over the world. Major stops on this photographic voyage include Beijing and the Hebei province, New Orleans, Sicily and Marrakech. Over the next year, this project will take you to new continents, landscapes and metropolises such as Addis Ababa, Brussels, Lima, La Paz, New Delhi and the Aboriginal Australian Northern Territory, Tokyo and the Mariana Islands archipelago (Guam and Rota).

Your contribution to EATUP will help educate and sustain healthy eating habits on a global level and perpetuate our ongoing journey.

Why? EATUP aims to unite the world’s myriad of cultures at one table.
How? Through crowdfunding you can take part in this international project.

EATUP is a photographic documentary adapted from the eponymous book that highlights the instinctive nature of people’s intimate eating habits and culinary traditions. Like the book which evidences the contradiction between evolution and tradition, EATUP demonstrates how globalization has enhanced and also adulterated these customs. Taking you into the outside kitchens, markets, campfires, kibbutzes and family-dinner tables around the world, the EATUP project portrays a daily-life approach to food.

EATUP and EXPO 2015
Envisaged as a compliment to the upcoming World’s Fair, Eatup supports the Expo’s slogan “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” In occasion of the fair, EATUP will showcase a photographic series at Milan’s Spazio Tadini in September, while its reportage will be published in online publications such as

Thank you to all the people that have helped us thus far: ASG (Asian Studies Group); Dillard University New Orleans; MilanoArtExpo; MoreMondadori Ed.; Ray Charles Foundation; SoFab (Souther Food and Beverage Institute, USA); Spazio Tadini Milano.



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